My mother tells me that when I was very young she thought I wouldn’t be very interested in art, because while the other children were drawing pictures of dogs and houses, I was scribbling patches of color across the paper. In a way I guess I’m still doing that in a different medium. Now it’s acrylic paints, pens, and sometimes bits of collage on large and small wood panels.

My paintings have evolved over the past several years from representational oil paintings to colorful acrylic abstractions based on pattern and geometry. Even as an illustrator in college I came to realize that I was less interested in creating figurative compositions and more excited by drawing patterns on a shirt or letting the leaves on a tree take on an abstract form. My other obsession is color- I am endlessly fascinated by the way colors shift and clash when placed alongside each other, and this interest has become perhaps the most prominent aspect of my work. I’ve never been able to plan a painting in advance- even when I try the composition takes on it’s own life and I just need to follow along and listen to it. 

A bit about me...

I was born NYC and spent my childhood in the Bronx. I attended the High School of Music and Art and earned a Bachelors of Fine Art degree at Washington University in St. Louis. My major was illustration but it was also there that I discovered a love of printmaking which still influences my painting. After graduating from college I worked as a graphic designer at a studio in New York with a focus on information design, signage, and city planning. I took a turn in my career in 2004 and earned a Masters in Education. I spent over ten years teaching students from kindergarten to fifth grade- from a start-up charter school in Harlem, NY to a small independent school in Washington DC. During my early years teaching in New York, I attended evening classes at the Art Students' League where I met my husband Austin in a figure drawing class. After moving to Washington DC and having my son in 2012, I stopped teaching to stay at home with him and spent his nap times exploring painting again. Two years later I gave birth to my daughter and kept up the nap time painting routine. Now that my children are at school I've decided to commit to my art full time. I've enjoyed showing my work in group and solo exhibitions, completing an artist-in-residence in Dublin, Ireland, and having my paintings published in international publications. My work is held in private collections internationally.